Puppies have arrived!

Back at it. Ariel is a production from a partnering breeder and her pedigree is absolutely stacked. In early 2019 we did a breeding with her and Prophet which produced big standard hybrid dogs. A few of those dogs have moved onto personal protection training and will become the future of Top Gun's breeding program. Ghost, was most recently the sire to a litter with Stella, and produced some nice pups which will be evaluated in the following couple years. Ghost himself has one of the best temperaments I have ever seen in the breed. He's confident, non dog aggressive, and very intelligent. 

I have always been a fan of Ariel's pedigree which includes Gunslinger and Roots American bulldogs. Roots was a breeder trying to produce hybrid type dogs using bully Dailey blood lines mixed with some standard hybrid type blood. I have decided to bring that idea back to the "roots" by infusing the Dailey bloodline back into the fold. I anticipate a standard hybrid litter with a LOT of substance. Both dogs are big for their respective sex/type and have super stable laid back temperaments. There will be some dog sport prospects in this litter as there are multiple IPO3 titled dogs in the pedigree. A title that is not easy to obtain with an American bulldog. 

Visit both Ghost and Ariel's (Guest Females) individual pages for more pictures. If you're interested in a pup from this breeding, feel free to reach out to us with questions. Filling out the Puppy Application is the first step in the purchase process which is located on the Puppies For Sale page. Also, be sure to review the Sales Agreement which outlines the purchase process. 

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1. Maratea (Courage) 

2. Shea (Justice) 


1. Centerbull (Faith) 

2. Fanthorpe (Confirmed) 

3. Centerbull

4. Open

5. Open 

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