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CH prophet x jamaica

Jamaica x Prophet.png

This has been a LONG time in the making. This will be my first opportunity to breed an India daughter and see if she produces with the consistency of her mother. This is a 3-3 line breeding on Danish import Ostergaard's Xi Mae and will produce some bully dogs and some hybrid type. I am expecting very streamlined builds, high intelligence, and a ton of prey drive. This breeding will produce sport dog prospects as both lines have been successful in their respected sports. You can see more pictures on their individual pages. 

We currently have my male choice from the litter. Our pick of the litter male, Pope, was the tallest of the litter and definitely has a strong resemblance to his sire Prophet. He will be very hybrid in look and has a very sweet temperament. He is not overly drivey and has a general disposition of "chill". At this point I am either looking for a co-ownership, or selling him to another breeding program where I have access to him, or his offspring. Co-ownership has the dog in a pet home with the understanding that I can use him for breeding purposes and showing. Otherwise the dog is the responsibility of the new owner, and their pet for life. The price will vary due to the age at which he is purchased with deciding factors of vaccinations and training that we have invested. 


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