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planned breedings

2024 - Krueger x Reign

This breeding took some time for me to finalize. Taking into account, what the breeding program needs, which dogs have proven their worth, and how to balance shortcomings and strengths. Krueger was the 2021 NKC Dog of the Year and a Supreme Grand Champion. He has spent time training in sport dog protection work and has a really balanced temperament. He is a supersized version of his sire Prophet and time to see what he can produce. Reign is as nicely structured as a bulldog can get. She's a little bullier than I prefer and her size resembles her dam, but she's built to produce. Reign has a happy go lucky temperament who just loves affection. This is a 3-2 breeding on Sugar and will produce very tightly muscled bully dogs. I would anticipate well structured medium sized dogs. This breeding will have the health tests for breed variants and hip tests on the sire's side.  If you are interested in this breeding, please contact us as we will be accepting deposits to insure interest. 

2024/5 - gruffalo x goldie

When mapping out the future of a breeding program, there's a LOT to take into consideration. The base line is healthy animals, and then based on the experience of the breeder, the proverbial rabbit hole can get real deep. But to keep it simple, if you want to compete with the best, you go to the best. Here we are, once again, teaming up with Maggie at Gunslinger American Bulldogs. Gruffalo's dam caught my eye several years ago at an NKC show, and I have subsequently watched (2) of her son's (from different litters) go on to get their Supreme Grand Champion titles. Gruffalo has almost perfect conformation with a moderate bully head type typical of his mother's offspring. He is fully health tested (OFA Excellent Hips/Elbow Normal) and comes from a long line of titled dogs both in conformation and working events. Goldie is as tightly bred as a dog can be and inbred on Sugar. I anticipate some moderately bully dogs with impeccable structure and great temperaments. This is almost a complete outcross so there should be some variation in type and color. Please feel free to contact me with interest...

2025 - Bacchus x sway

Well it's time to infuse some new blood, and it was always going to be the gold standard in American Bulldogs. Gunslinger American Bulldogs has one of, if not the, most proven programs in the world. With a long history of health testing, conformation and working titles, I put Maggie's program at the top. This has been a long time coming and finally makes sense for how we intend to move forward within Centerbulls. Bacchus is a fully health tested (OFA Excellent Hips/Elbow Normal) young male with a Supreme Grand Champion title, 2023 Top Ten Winner, and 2023 National Champion. As for Sway, she is a drivey and shredded female with great substance and structure. She is a Prophet daughter and the female version if there ever was one. If hard muscle and athletic bulldogs are your thing, it's going to be tough to beat this one. Please feel free to contact me with interest...

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