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about us

We are just entering our 27th year in this breed. I acquired my first American Bulldog in 1996, and shortly thereafter was approached by the breeder to take on a returned littermate who was recovering from Parvo and blind in one eye. Those two gave me a crash course through AB101 and two decades later the addiction continues. Years later when starting a family, I decided to enroll in dog training courses to ensure proper behavior and learn to correct my previous mistakes. Through that time, we have had the patience to learn through experience, good, and bad, well before considering to breed. We have had everything from pure Johnson, hybrid Sure-Grip, to today's modern day blood lines. I have spent countless hours in training sessions, and  showing for conformation to help aid in my continued learning. The time spent with those dogs was absolutely priceless and helped to form my vision for the breed as it moves forward in modern times.


All of our dogs are raised in a family setting having plenty of interaction with children and visitors. We have been fortunate enough to raise them in a country setting on 5 acres letting them thrive and enjoy innate behaviors. We use the space to continue training, conditioning, and just to play. Physical and mental health are the highest priority so we feed a balanced raw diet, and spend the appropriate time exercising daily which, I believe, shows in the quality of their physique. 


Understanding the history and purpose of this breed has helped to give us insight to the natural behavior of American Bulldogs. Over the years, the progression from a working farm/hunting dog, to a modern day pet, has the breed all over the spectrum in my opinion. The gaining popularity of this breed, like so many others, has lead to a dilution in quality and the perpetuation of health problems. We utilize health/temperament testing of our dogs to ensure the best possible outcomes when we decide to breed. My goal is to build a dog sound in structure, clean breathing, and athletically built with all the necessities to perform what is asked of it.  I have spent over half my time in American Bulldogs showing dogs in conformation among the country's best breeders. The amount of time developing relationships and evaluating dogs has offered some of invaluable experience. Those relationships have allowed me access to the absolute best dogs the breed has to offer, which puts our breeding program amongst the very best in the world. 


We take great pride in our dogs. Whether rehoming an adult, or placing a puppy, we give a thorough screening of the new owner to create successful life long arrangements. Our experience allows for a great reference for new owners, and those close enough are welcome to train with me. The internet is a great resource for learning if this breed is right for you and your family. We love the opportunity to extend our bulldog family....



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