This is a new page dedicated to all things related to training your dog and behaviors whether natural or learned. I will be adding content as I have time, but feel free to contact me with any current issues you may be experiencing. 


Pairing The Right Dog For Your Lifestyle

A big part of our success has been matching the right puppy, or adult dog, with the right homes. Most people who have purchased a dog from us have experienced the time I have spent on the front side of the process asking questions. Understanding what you expect from your dog, outside of typical breed traits, is probably the most important part of determining our success in a life long match. I have come to realize that not all of our buyers are equipped to handle what I care for in a dog, or inversely I may not produce the caliber of a working dog an enthusiast desires. We primarily sell to pet homes only by choice so we have really put an emphasis on the temperaments of the dogs we use to breed with. Creating a go anywhere, do anything type of dog is not as easy as one would think. Here is a great article giving some insight on the subject:


Training Begins On The First Day

We always include a Puppy Packet outlining techniques for success involving the basics. I always encourage new owners to engage their new puppy through training to help stimulate their mind and imprint basic commands. Believe it, or not, this will help to tire your young dog just as a good physical play session and limit the opportunity for negative behaviors. American bulldogs can mature quickly when mentally stimulated throughout the early stages of life. Your due diligence will help to create a healthy bond and years of quality behaviors. Here is a great series on teaching basic commands. This is a great way to feed your evening meal.







Leash Training 

From show dogs to family pet, leash training is essential. Developing a language with your dog and establishing control is the first step in a long successful relationship. Building that control with respect will allow you to get your dog to perform any task you are willing to train for. We are a proponent of using prong collars from the first day. For me, it sets a precedent for "work" mode and gives you a ton of control. These videos from Solid K9 Training are built for the Do-it-yourself pet owner. I highly recommend subscribing to their channel on YouTube. 







Corrective Training 

We all make mistakes along the way, but most everything can be corrected IF you put in the time. Even we would admit that our best trained dogs were when we were pet owners like you, and went the extra mile to constantly work on training. Although our dogs behave, I am always looking to improve my methods, or correct something I did not foundation well (in other words get lazy) at an early age. Here are some resources to help you change behaviors that have become unwanted.