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buyer etiquette


I am posting this to help understand of our expectation of you, the buyer, during the purchase process. This will help to prepare you and answer some questions you may have.


  1. STOP LOOKING FOR A "PUPPY". - When you decide to accept a new family member, just as all important decisions, you need to qualify the quality of the source. Pick a breeder. One who holds high standards and offers value for your money. Are they health testing? Is the stock tested and proven? Don't let tag lines such as "Champion bloodlines" give you a sense of comfort. Plenty of "Champion" stud owners have let their male breed a genetic nightmare for money. If a breeder wont put the time and money​ into testing their stock, most likely you will end up paying for it in the long run.

  2. YOU MAY HAVE TO WAIT. - Once you have identified a breeder that matches the criteria you are looking for, be prepared to wait or your new puppy. Sometimes, a breeder has puppies on the ground, but most likely they will be spoken for. You could potentially wait 4-6 months and up to a year. Don't set a timeline on quality. Be patient.

  3. INTRODUCE YOURSELF THOROUGHLY. - The initial e-mail should be several paragraphs long. We want to know that you are ready for a puppy, you are ready for this breed, and why you chose us for your new addition. Describe your intentions for the puppy. Are you planning to show, or work the dog in the future? Are you looking for a top quality family pet and protector? What are your intentions for training? You need to be as truthful as possible so we can identify if we have the right fit for you. We breed from different bloodlines which will result in varied temperaments. Our success with fitment, is ultimately your success.

  4. BE WILLING TO BE TOLD NO. - If for some reason we feel you are not ready for one of our dogs, it is nothing more than experience at work. I personally have seen some people in the show circuit that are questionably right for this breed. If for some reason we feel you are not ready for one of our puppies, we will clearly communicate our concerns.

  5. PLEASE DO NOT GET ON MORE THAN ONE WAITING LIST. - This is just being courteous and honest business. Note that we will turn away people if our current list is full, and you will be holding a spot. If you are on another breeder's list be up front. If something changes and you need to remove yourself from the list, please do so as early as possible.

  6. PLEASE DON'T EXPECT TO CHOOSE YOUR PUPPY. - This is probably the hardest concept for the average pet buyer to understand. This is a working breed that varies in levels of working and prey drive. Our number one concern is matching a temperament that is going to match your lifestyle. Puppies are chosen in the order of deposits, but in the event that I don not feel a good match, I will intervene. I will do my best to accommodate your preference.











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